Staublog 02/03/04 Pre-Boiling Water Frog

Confessions of a Pre-Boiling Water Frog

We all know the story of the proverbial frog placed in lukewarm water the frog is comfortable and stays in the water as it is brought to a boil, at which time it is too late too escape. Think of me as a pre-boiling water frog. I was there when TV for young men consisted of The Baseball Game of the Week or a college football game. I was raised on sitcoms like Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver.

My thoughts range in this direction after Sunday’s pathetic display at halftime AND the explanation that the networks are doing this kind of thing to gain young male viewers. Fashion is also aimed at raunch for demographic reasons. Pepsi indicated their displeasure; not for the immorality, but for the way it overshadowed their ADS! Jackson also stole the spotlight from the new Survivors series.

It is as if the adults in the world are saying, “we all know the only thing that works with this generation is crotch grabbing, breast exposing, expletive-laced good old fashion American fun.”

I’m not a moralizing, cocooned, combative guy, but I am a man, and a father of a son and three daughters, and I think assuming the lowest and basest of this generation is demeaning to them and revealing of the lack of imagination in the entertainment industry.

One of the laws of spiritual formation has to do with consumption. It is kind of a theological “you are what you eat.” The moral appetite of humans will be fed something and what they eat will determine their health. TiVo announced that the Jackson moment was the most replayed in the company’s history. This morning when I dropped my sixteen-year¢€œold daughter off at school, there were TV cameras there. A fourteen-year-old girl had been raped and three to five young guys were going to be arrested. These guys are simply acting out of their appetites which have been encouraged and fed by the media. Justin Timberlake offered his apologies but then laughed about the incident on a radio interview right after the show he’s just another lost insincere soul and role model?

In pre-boiling frog days there were rapes, unwanted pregnancies and drunken parties, but they were actually pretty rare and society uniformly opposed these actions born of our lower nature. Since the 60’s we’ve been fed a steady diet of garbage and now voila “garbage in and garbage out.”

The next generation is not just at risk they’re in boiling water and many don’t know it. There is an anti-drinking/drugs ad on TV showing a girl standing on a dock watching her friend drown instead of helping she turns and walks away. The message: shouldn’t you want to help your friend who is in trouble? Do something.

I think we face this situation in American youth culture today. Do you have an idea on what should be done? I’d love to hear it.

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