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The Weary Pilgrim
Dick Staub’s Culturally Savvy Christian is a stunning wake up to the prevailing Christian sub-culture of the North American evangelical church.

church inverted
I’ve been thinking very differently. I recently finished, “The Culturally Savvy Christian,” by Dick Staub and felt a sense of responsibility creep into my 23-year-old being. Staub’s book, which was acclaimed by the great Richard Foster, is a treasure for young adults and late teens who are being sent mixed signals about the uber overload of media in our culture and the manner in which Christians are to wade through the jungle.

Next Wave Ezine-Dustin Bagby
Dick Staub¢â‚¬¦has a wonderful ability to interpret culture-doesn’t just complain about the lack of substance in pop culture and the church. Nor does he focus on how the church can be relevant to culture and hip by covering all of the popular emo bands songs and building sermon series’ off of the current reality television programs. That is not what being culturally savvy is about. He defines a culturally-savvy Christian as being serious about faith, savvy about culture and skilled at relating the two

CSC Review: Capital Journal
Dick Staub calls for Christians once again to become ambassadors for change as they engage modern culture both artistically and intellectually.

Grand Rapids Press Culturally Savvy Christian Review
This hard-hitting book encourages Christians to truly enter the culture to live out theology and Jesus, creating a renaissance that brings new art, writing and thinking.

The Phantom Toll Booth
“No one has been closer [then Staub] to the past half century of cultural maelstrom.” “There are plenty of examples in “Savvy” of lone voices in the wilderness such as Rich Mullins, CS Lewis, Malcolm Muggeridge, and even Nick Park of Wallace and Grommit to inspire those who are ahead of the cultural curve to press on in brewing revolution.”

“His solution involves creating something that is not often seen in contemporary Christian culture: good art and deep faith.”

Publishers Weekly
“Staub’s passion and talent as a writer make this an enjoyable read.”

“concise, well-researched,” “shines as something more than the sum of marketing muscle.”

“Staub’s take on Christians in culture is a standout effort.”

Aspiring Retail
“thoughtful, well-written analysis of American popular culture and Christianity. He packs the book with insightful and often striking illustrations from celebrities, academics, Christians, rock songs, classic hymns, books and movies,” “a challenging and hope-filled manifesto,” Highly recommended.”

Christian Retailing:
“Award-winning broadcaster, writer and speaker gives his readers something to chew on.”

Rick Presley:
“Dick Staub Social commentator par excellence, has taken pen in hand to do what so many of the self-styled Culture Warriors have failed to accomplish. He has set a course that outlines in practical terms an appropriate Christian response to the challenges raised by our surrounding culture. Most content themselves with cursing the darkness while Staub ignites far more than a candle. His book is exactly what it purports to be – a manifesto. It is a call to action and one that has been long overdue. For those of you who are tired of hearing about The End of Christianity As We Know It with no concrete plan for how to remedy the situation, The Culturally Savvy Christian is just the book you have been waiting for.”

Christianity Today
The final chapters show the most thought and personality, challenging readers to be discerning about culture while responding to it tactfully and creatively. OK. So let’s be honest. CT gave the book a so-so, lukewarm review. Here is what Bill Hogg said about their review, “Just 2 things..this is a thought provoking read where Staub makes a prophetic call to live a God-bearing God glorifying transformative life.Staub calls us to climb out of the shallows of evangelicalism and go deep in God. His vision is bigger than Briner’s which leads me to the next point did Russ Breimeier Online Managing Editor, Christian Music Today actually read Staub’s book or does the man just not have a clue?”
Author note. Comments like this have been repeated to me by many others. Book reviews have always had an op-ed, personal opinion quality to them, but I find the CT review odd in its comparison to Bob Briner’s book. Bob was a dear friend, but the focus of “Raoring Lambs” was much narrower than the systemic, big-picture overarching approach I take in The Culturally Savvy Christian.

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