Rest for Your Weary Anxious Soul

So I awoke in the middle of the night again, anxious.  With KindlingsFest 2012 coming in July, too much to do, a lot of spinning plates, many falling to the ground, and a recently mailed donor request yielding less than needed results so far, I held onto my worries tightly, refusing to loosen the grip.
This angst is ironic since Sunday I bore witness to the truth of the wisdom literature. “Trust in the LORD with all your heart And lean not on your own understanding; Delight yourself in the LORD & he will give you the desires of your heart.
My anxiety is almost always related to a need for me to return to my grounding in the ground of all being (AKA the transcendent God).
So I turned on my Kindle, careful to not awake sleeping beauty (aka Kathy my wife) and found a yet unread book Lyle Dorsett recommended at WinterFest, “The Complete Christian Mystic: A Practical, Step-By-Step Guide for Awakening to the Presence of God” by Evelyn Underhill.
It was a tonic to my soul. Here are few highlights for those needing rest for your weary anxious soul.
1) Mysticism defined: “Mysticism is the art of union with Reality. The mystic is a person who has attained that union in greater or less degree, or who aims at and believes in such attainment.”
2) Union with God requires a conscious uniting with, surrendering to, God. “Because he has surrendered himself to it, ‘united’ with it, the patriot knows his country, the artist knows the subject of his art, the lover his beloved, the saint his God, in a manner which is inconceivable as well as unattainable by the looker-on.”
3) Mystical union with God is essential and possible for all humans. “This amount of mystical perception—this ‘ordinary contemplation,’ as the specialists call it—is possible to all men, without it, they are not wholly conscious, nor wholly alive. It is a natural human activity, no more involving the great powers and sublime experiences of the mystical saints and philosophers than the ordinary enjoyment of music involves the special creative powers of the great musician… As the beautiful does not exist for the artist and poet alone—though these can find in it more poignant depths of meaning than other men—so the world of Reality exists for all, and all may participate in it, unite with it, according to their measure and to the strength and purity of their desire.”
I surrendered to communion with God. I yielded all to God. I unclasped my fists from the anxieties I had held so tenaciously. I floated into God’s presence, literally smiling, verging on giggling. I felt weight lifted and an easy yoke slipped onto my shoulders, replacing the yoke of my own making that had weighed me down).
So at ease with God and the world, so aware of the greater underlying reality, trust high, confidence properly located in God, I drifted into deep slumber and awoke this morning rested with a smile in my face and joy in my heart…

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  1. ST060612 | Dick Staub on June 6, 2012 at 10:24 am

    […] So I awoke in the middle of the night again, anxious. With me, anxiety is almost always related to a need for me to return to my grounding in the ground of all being (AKA the transcendent God).  Read More:   […]

  2. Dan Armistead on June 10, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    What can I say? Only that God is using you to touch many lives, including my own. I pray for you, Kindlings, and Orcas Island Community Church regularly. Sherri and I won’t make it this year, but by God’s grace we plan to be there in 2013. Oh yeah, and Evelyn Underhill’s writings have the same effect on me. God is good . . .

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