Probability, Faith, Polkinghorne and You.

The Rev. Dr. Sir John Polkinghorne is a brilliant scientist and theologian. He believes in God. He also believes in probability over certainty.

One of the few sermons I remember my dad preaching was later published as an article. It was titled, “A Good Word for Doubt.”

I am grateful I was raised by a father whose faith was certain, but who honored and experienced doubt as part of his faith journey.

I thought of that when I read this really interesting exploration of probability and faith.

You can also listen to an interview I did with John Polkinghorne. This link takes you to part one of a four part interview. Enter Polkinghorne in the search engine ( to get the rest.


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  1. Dick Staub on August 30, 2011 at 10:00 am

    […] “Belief in God? ‘It’s a reasonable position, but not a knock-down argument…It’s strong enough to bet my life on it.’” Rev. Dr. Sir John Polkinghorne. Read More. […]

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