Prenatal Parenting

Harper Collins

Frederick Wirth M.D.

Central Theme
The joys and responsibilities of parenting begin with conception and mom is at the center of the process.

Dr. Wirth is staff neonatologist at Reading Hospital & Medical Center and Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Tufts University. He was physician for Elizabeth Carr, America’s first test tube baby and has served on several Presidential and Gubernatorial task forces centered on birthing issue. In short, he is well respected and credentialed, has spent 25 years caring for premature infants and concludes that the unborn child must be parented physically, psychologically and spiritually!

Beliefs num
–The fetus has more nerve cells and connections than an adult
–He has a memory of experiences before birth
–He develops a sense of self and consciousness prior to birth
–He can hear, smell, taste and see before birth
–His in utero experience builds the brain architecture that will determine behavior after birth
–He communicates with mother bio-chemically
–He shares his mother’s emotional experiences
–His mother cannot hide her intimate thoughts from him
–He is born looking for meaningful relationships
— We can communicate with the unborn child
— We can develop a spiritual relationship with the unborn child

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Do you agree that parenting starts before the child is born?
–If Mom had a huge effect in you while you are still in the womb, what do you know about what was going on in mom’s life when you were in her womb? How might it have shaped your personality?
–What do you think about Wirth’s idea of praying with the unborn child and trying to provide a spiritually peaceful environment for the unborn child?
–If science has learned as fact all the items listed as ‘beliefs’ above, how can abortion not be considered a crime against the unborn?

Provocative Quotes byline
–Most movies and novels depict the discovery of pregnancy as a wonderful, joyous event that miraculously changes the couple’s lives and their relationship. This romantic view of pregnancy may or may not be true for you. Many couples are surprised by the news that they are pregnant. Some are prepared, some are not, and some may be upset by an unplanned pregnancy.
==Frederick Wirth M.D.
–Pregnancy is a time of change and challenge. It is a time when we reevaluate our attitudes and priorities. It is a time of great personal growth and interesting opportunities.
==Frederick Wirth M.D.
–The question of nature verses nurture is complex, but now the debate is over. Both play in neurological and psychological development The traits we have are a combination of our genetic makeup and our prenatal and postnatal environments. But. Most important, the nurturer of the fetus or infant is a brain builder.
==Frederick Wirth M.D.
–Today there is anatomical evidence that the brain centers that affect our behaviors develop before birth.
==Frederick Wirth M.D.
–The excellent empirical scientific evidence that prayer is a powerfully effective force in our world was generated by multiple well-designed investigations using the most sophisticated scientific methods available.
==Frederick Wirth M.D.
–The primary reason for this book and spending so much time on the psycho-spiritual aspects of pregnancy is my firm conviction that you, and how well you manage the challenges of your pregnancy, are important to its outcome.
==Frederick Wirth M.D.
–A man’s mother is his other god.
==African Proverb
–Before you were conceived I wanted you,
Before you were born I loved you,
Before you were here an hour I would die for you,
This is the miracle of life.
==Maureen Hawkins
–Read this book! You will learn how to improve your birthing experience, as well as the health and happiness of your unborn child.
==C. Everett Koop M.D. Former Surgeon General

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