Pop Art, Passion Revelations, Lying and Sex.

¢â‚¬¢ For a great description of “popular art” read about Richard Hamilton (art right), Britain’s “Andy Warhol” whose work is described as “mass-produced, low-cost, young, sexy, witty, transient, glamorous, gimmicky, expendable and popular.” As for pop culture’s power? It has kept revolutionary Che Gueverra alive since his death in 1967.

¢â‚¬¢ In one of the most honest assessments of lessons from the Passion the NY Times A.O. Scott lays out three lessons: 1) Religious filmgoers are a niche Hollywood can no longer ignore. 2) There are Americans who believe Christianity is the only way to God, an exclusivism he thought was passé. 3) There are those who don’t allow a divide between sacred and secular a challenge to his secularist norm for evaluating film. Scott is, of course, proving what conservatives already believed that NYT writers are out of touch with mainstream America and in their elitist snobbery are actually clueless about it and are for the most part cordoned off from reality. Less useful is the usually insightful Charles Krauthammer whose embarrassing attempts at biblical hermeneutics in evaluating the Passion are themselves inflammatory.

¢â‚¬¢Lying is so much a part of daily life that it seems stunning that you can actually lose your job for it (Jayson Blair whose biography “Burning Down My Master’s House proclaims, “I lied and I lied and then I lied some more.”) or that Martha Stewart can go to jail for it.

¢â‚¬¢Teenage sex has been treated as an unavoidable forgone conclusion so experts are puzzled at the drop in teen pregnancies and even more baffled by a leading cause restraint among teenage boys.

¢â‚¬¢Conservative Christians ought to be squirming with current attacks on Islamic fundamentalism because some observations sound so darned familiar. Take this line. “As many Saudis themselves will tell you, theirs is not a society accustomed to self-reflection. Critical thinking is discouraged¢â‚¬¦”

Remember, “these are the best of times and the worst of times, but they are the only times we have.” (For Now).

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