Ooops there goes Reality.

Last week I posted an article in which Joe Simpson offered the opportunity to “be the next Ashlee or Jessica Simpson” to an aspiring young hopeful-star. I made a caustic comment about masking a lack of talent with technology. Not knowing of Aslee’s impending SNL (Saturday Night Live) fulfillment of my prophecy there she was on “live” TV caught red handed lip-synching AND the wrong song!

The furor afterwards reveals the new “real,” as in “fake is the new real.”

Ashlee’s father said she lip synched on live TV because she had a sore throat, confirmed by her physician who said she suffers from acid reflux (at here age?) Carson Daly of TRL (Total Request Live) said lip-synching and backing tracks is par for the course for today’s artists.

Meanwhile advancing the “new fake is real” one Hollywood producer duped out of work actors into thinking they landed a part in a real Hollywood production in a new show premiering on AMC today.

Dave Noll, the producer justifies his work: Admitted to feeling some guilt about the ruses. “If you’re a reality producer, some part of you is always feeling guilty about something,” he said. But rather than view his program as exploitive or cruel, he said he prefers to see it as a “twisted” form of wish fulfillment. “These kids have always wanted to be in a movie, to come on a set and have their own director’s chair and have real makeup and real lighting,” said Mr. Noll, whose earlier projects included work as a producer for VH1. “For one week out of their life they are living the dream. We treat them like stars.”

The actors seem to accept it! Wistfully recalled the star treatment she received: the gift baskets filled with scented soaps and lotions, the doting interns and assistants. Stephanie Warren said, “we were overwhelmed by how wonderful it was,” said Ms. Warren, who has acted in infomercials and has had other bit roles. After learning that she had been tricked – it gives away nothing to say that the news is broken with the cameras rolling – Ms. Warren, 23, said she felt a range of emotions, starting with disappointment and utter confusion. “We kind of felt violated, used and abused,” she said. But she ended with a sense of thankfulness for the experience. “Whether you’re being lied to or not, you do get to act,” she said. Producers, impressed with Ms. Warren’s performance, helped her land a job doing skits for the Fuse network.

Finally. Read how truth is the one reality not allowed in the new reality as learned by Kathy Griffin who skewers today’s stars.

Yours for the pursuit of God in the company of friends, Dick Staub.

PS. And remember, “these are the best of times and the worst of times, but they are the only times we have.” (For Now).

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