NYC. Pizza. CMA. Where is the Love?

NYC is the only major city I ever wanted to live in that I haven’t. Pulsating, alive–writhing in the throes of spiritual death. So many people; so much energy. So many empty souls filling the God space with Babel stuff.

I’m sitting at John’s Pizzeria near Times Square in NYC. Read about it:

[John’s Pizzeria Times Square
260 W44th St. (bet. B-way & 8th)
Cuisine: Italian, Pizza
Avg. Check: $15 – $20
Attire: Casual

John’s Pizzeria originally opened its doors in the late Twenties. Since then, it has become world-renowned and a legendary institution in New York City – a place where generations of New Yorkers and tourists alike have come to enjoy the finest pizza the city has to offer. When the search was on to find a location as unique as the pizza itself, the newest John’s in Times Square, in which patrons eat their pizza under a five-story stained glass cupola of what was once the Gospel Tabernacle Church, was born. Built in 1888, the site was reconstructed to house the largest pizzeria in the country. With over 400 seats, four pizza ovens, and two kitchens, this outpost can accommodate both small and large parties.]

A.B. Simpson, founder of the Christian And Missionary Alliance, founded this place as a tabernacle because he was burdened for the “lost” souls in NYC. My grandfather sat in this space when it was a tabernacle. I now munch on pizza in a space dedicated to serving the bread of life. Eventually it became the HQ for the Christian And Missionary Alliance, which eventually moved to Nyack and then to Colorado Springs (to be near James Dobson?).

Simpson ,the college I attended, was right in the mix of things in SF during the 60’s cultural revolution–students loved it-parents were afraid of the wicked fallen “Gomorra by the Bay”–and it was landlocked and could not grow; so they pulled up stakes and moved 3 hours away to Redding near the picturesque Mount Shasta. The school has prospered.

Where is the love?

Grandpa was here in a tabernacle within two blocks of Times Square in a place ideally situated to influence one of the world’s most influential cities. Now the stained glass windows adorn a pizza parlor. He walked arm in arm with AB Simpson and prayed for the lost. Where is the love? I know where the pizza is.

Yours for the pursuit of God in the company of friends, Dick Staub.

PS. And remember, “these are the best of times and the worst of times, but they are the only times we have.” (For Now).

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