Minority Report

John Anderton: Tom Cruise
Agatha: Samantha Morton
Director Burgess: Max von Sydow
Danny Witwer: Colin Farrell
Gideon: Tim Blake Nelson

Twentieth Century Fox and Dreamworks Pictures present a film directed by Steven Spielberg. Written by Scott Frank and Jon Cohen. Based on a short story by Philip K. Dick. Running time: 145 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for violence, brief language, some sexuality and drug content).

Central Theme
Human systems of justice, as well as those who administer them, will always be flawed and therefore need to be restrained by the standard of reasonable doubt.

It is 2054 and thanks to a new pre-crime crew, there has not been a murder in Washington D.C. in six years. John Anderton (Tom Cruise), chief detective of the Department of Pre-Crime, has accomplished this by using information provided by pre-cogs, precognitive individuals who possess an ability to see the future.

Anderton has pursued this line of work because of the tragic disappearance of his own son and the resulting desire to stop such criminal acts before they happen to others. When apprehended, pre-criminals are suspended in a sleep-like state at the Department of Containment where they are guarded by a mysterious character named Gideon.

The system is so dependable the Justice Department is ready to roll it out nationally, but first they send Danny Witwer to make sure the system has no undetected flaws. His intrusion into Anderton’s domain is followed by a pre-cog prediction of a murder committed by Anderton, who is forced to run from the unit he manages.

Believing he has been set up, Anderton turns to the creator of the system, Ms. Hineman, to discover how such a crime could be faked. In the process he learns that pre-cogs don’t make mistakes, but they can at times disagree and such reports are retained as minority reports. He is surprised to learn that his boss Lamar Burgess is aware of the flaw but has never told him about it.

Anderton realizes that a disagreement among the pre-cogs represents a fatal flaw in the system AND might also offer an explanation for the ¢â‚¬Ëœfalse’ accusations brought against him. The female pre-cog, Agatha, becomes his ally in trying to clear his name and expose the system. Escaping detection requires an eye implant because pre-crime makes use of an advanced retinal identification system. These implants are available on the black market. Anderton finds the answers he is seeking but not without turning his world upside down.

This film brilliantly combines a mystery story, action, philosophical inquiry and a futuristic setting. A look at 2054 reveals a world not entirely unlike our own. A number of eerie Bergman-like camera shots provide a mysterious moodiness to the characters and story development. There are numerous direct references to God and religion. A detective crosses himself, an old man says God bless you, Rufus crosses himself and falls on his knees in the presence of a pre-cog. But the real theological/philosophical grist is imbedded in discourses about concepts like foreknowledge, free will and the essential fallen-ness and self-interests of humans.

Beliefs num
–By definition, every human system is flawed.
–Those who both desire the system to continue, yet secretly know the systems imperfections will likely protect them.
–If you see the future you can change the future.
–When three people present differing opinions the minority report is probably the right one.
–People have a choice.
–You can’t trust anyone.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Are there any situations in which people could be convicted of crimes they have not yet committed?
–Are all human systems flawed?
–Is it true that you should trust nobody and that everyone has as a first priority his or her own self-preservation?

Provocative Quotes byline
–All we have to run on is their report.
==John Anderton about the pre-cogs predictions.
–We rarely see premeditation.
==John Anderton.
–They’ve caught on.
==Danny Witwer.
–On behalf of the pre-crime unit I’m arresting you for the future murder of Sarah Marx.
==John Anderton making a bust in a crime of passion.
–Imagine a world without murder. We needed a miracle and we got three. The pre-cogs. America can rely on the infallibility of the system. It can keep us safe. Pre-crime works.
==Political T.V. ad campaigning for a national roll out of the Pre-crime program.
–Like my daddy used to say. In the land of the blind the one eye man can see.
==Eyeless drug dealer to Anderton.
–Should we call the attorney general?
==Danny Witwer to Anderton who can’t believe Witwer has been given authority to fully explore the Pre-crime unit.
–Let’s not kid ourselves, we’re arresting people who have not committed a crime. In a way this gives us a sense of the divine. That’s why you call it the temple. I can’t help it I attended Fuller seminary.
==Danny Witwer about the God-like powers in the Pre-crime unit.
–Were more like clergy than cops.
==A couple of detectives who kind of agree.
–I’m looking for a flaw. There always is one in a system because it is human.
==Danny Witwer explaining the nature of his investigation.
–Can u see?
==Agatha to Anderton after a vision of the Anne Lively murder.
–I’d forgotten there are so many.
==Anderton to Gideon at the Department of Containment.
–And to think if it wasn’t for you, they’d all be out there killing.
==Gideon to Anderton.
–Because he swapped out his eyes. You can get them on the street for a few thousand dollars.
==Gideon explains to Anderton how a criminal can avoid an accurate identification.
–Careful chief. You dig up the past and all you get is dirt.
==Gideon to Anderton’s request for classified information.
–A week from now the public will decide whether we can continue this or not. The minute pre-crime goes national they’ll take it away from us.
==Lamar anxious about the upcoming vote.
–My father used to say. We don’t choose our beliefs-our beliefs choose us.
==Lamar to Anderton.
–Daddy’s in a lot of trouble Shawn.
==Danny Witwer to hologram of Anderton’s son after discovering drugs in his apartment.
–I like you chief. You’ve always been nice to me. I’ll give you two minutes before I hit the alarm.
==Pre-cog’s guard when Anderton is identified as the next murderer.
–Everybody runs.
==John Anderton.
–If you call the law of unintended consequences a discovery. Many children died in the experiments. The pre-cogs are the only three who lived.
==Hineman on the creation of the pre-cogs.
–The pre-cogs are never wrong, but occasionally they disagree.
==Hineman explaining the existence of minority reports.
–Minority reports are immediately destroyed.
==Hineman when asked by Anderton why he never knew about this.
–If the country knew it would shut Pre-crime down.
==John Anderton seeing the practical and political implications of the minority report.
–Don’t trust anyone. Just find the minority report.
==Hineman’s advice to Anderton.
–The original report is filed in the pre-cog who predicted it and the minority report is always filed by the most gifted. The female.
==Hineman explaining to Anderton where he can locate the minority report.
–Sometimes in order to see the light you have to go inside the dark. Every creature is interested in one thing-survival.
==Hineman to Anderton regarding what he must do to survive.
–I want to keep the old ones because my mother gave them to me.
==John Anderton to the surgeon on why he wants his old set of eyes.
–I left him because every time I saw him I saw my son.
==Anderton’s wife explaining to Witwer why she left her husband.
–Agatha is the key the others rely on her.
==Pre-cogs guard explains why the system can’t work if Anderton takes Agatha.
–Agatha, I need you to see what is going to happen to me. Then we’ll go. Where is my minority report?
==John Anderton using Agatha to understand the false-charges brought against him.
–Can you see?
==Agatha to Anderton repeating the message about Anne Lively.
–You have a choice. You can walk away. Leave. Now. Leave. Leave.
==Agatha trying to get Anderton away from the scene of the murder.
–Everyday when i get up I ask two questions. What would he look like today? Second. What would I do to them man who took him. You are right. There is no minority report. I’m going to kill this man.
==John Anderton suddenly understands how he could kill.
–You still have a choice. The others didn’t see their future. You can choose.
==Agatha urging Anderton to do the right thing.
–You’re not gonna kill me? The man said if you don’t kill me, my family gets nothing.
==Anderton’s victim confused that Anderton is reading him his rights instead of killing him.
–It would have to be someone who wants a crime erased. Someone with access high up.
==Danny Witwer trying to figure out with Lamar who is behind the frame-up of Anderton.
–Who killed your mother? Who killed Anne Lively?
==John Anderton to Agatha.
–He came to work with you to stop things like our son’s death from happening.
==Anderton’s wife to Lamar.
–I asked about Ann Lively but I never said she drowned.
==Anderton’s wife becoming suspicious of Lamar.
–You created a world without a murder and all you had to do was murder to create it.
==John Anderton to Lamar.
–Think of all the people that little girl saved.
==Lamar arguing that the ends justify the means.
–Lamar, it’s over. The thing you have to ask is what are you going to do now?
==John Anderton
–If you don’t kill me pre-crime has failed and if you do kill me pre-crime fails. You still have a choice.
==John Anderton
–In twenty-fifty four the pre-cogs were moved to an undisclosed location where they found relief from their gifts and could live out their lives in peace.

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