Maid In Manhattan

Marisa Ventura: Jennifer Lopez
Chris Marshall: Ralph Fiennes
Ty : Tyler Garcia Posey
Jerry Siegel: Stanley Tucci
Caroline: Natasha Richardson
Stephanie Kehoe: Marissa Matrone
Lionel Bloch: Bob Hoskins
Paula Burns: Frances Conroy
John Bextram: Chris Eigeman

Columbia Pictures presents a film directed by Wayne Wang. Written by Kevin Wade. Running time: 105 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for some language/sexual references). Opening today at local theaters.

Central Theme
You deserve to pursue your dreams and they may come true, but if you don’t pursue them, they never will.

A Latino ‘Cinderella in the Bronx story’ with a twist. Marisa is single mom parenting a gifted son named Ty, whose fascination with the 60’s has him listening to the ¢â‚¬ËœBest of Bread’ and worrying about Nixon’s lie overshadowing his contribution to foreign affairs.

Mom works as a maid at the Beresford Hotel where the contrast between her life in the Bronx and that of the rich and Powerful in Manhattan is drawn into sharp focus. But Marisa has never allowed the differences to make her feel inferior-she’s smart, kind, works hard and is making sure her son esteems himself worthily. She is on the verge of being promoted to management, a promotion seldom seen among the ranks of maids.

In a rare lapse of misjudgment, while cleaning a prestigious suite, Marisa is convinced by another maid to try on an elegant outfit the pampered Caroline is about to return. While in that attire her son enters the room hoping she will allow him to walk the dog of his newfound friend, wealthy, eligible bachelor and Senate candidate Chris Marshall. Chris and Ty met on the elevator where Chris was taken by Ty’s interest in politics and straightforward manner.

Mistaking her for the occupant of the suite, Chris convinces Marisa to walk in Central Park and in another lapse of judgment she agrees. A case of mistaken identity immediately turns into strong attraction and Chris wants to pursue the relationship further, asking Marissa to accompany him to an important fundraiser. The press shoots photos of Chris with Marissa, Chris’s political advisors are in a panic, Marisa’s friends are worried she’ll lose her job and at least one competing suitor, Caroline, is determined to expose Marisa as a fraud.

In the end Marisa’s true identity is revealed and she and Chris have some decisions to make. And Ty is still wondering whether a person like Nixon or his mom can be forgiven one lie.

Beliefs num
–All humans have worth.
–The lives of the working class are often richer than those of the wealthy.
–You should know your dream and pursue it.
–The real dream is about fulfilling your own potential and bettering yourself, not just climbing an economic or social ladder.
–The romantic dream ends up in bed, without the benefit of marriage.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Why is the achieving of personal dreams such a powerful metaphor in folklore?
–Why do we tend to relate dreams to economic status and power?
–In this story, one maid advances the others remain as maids. Can only a few achieve their dreams?

Provocative Quotes byline
–He knows what time it starts. Don’t worry he’ll be there.
==Marisa reassures Ty that his dad will be at his speech. He doesn’t show.
–I call you God because you see everything and still smile.
==Marisa to security guard.
–Anything can happen. Why not?
==Hotel manager when asked if a maid can apply for management.
–Richard Nixon was a man of many contradictions.
==Opening line of Ty’s speech.
–Do I look as stupid as you think I am?
==Chris to Jerry.
–Richard Nixon was A Republican and he lied.
==Ty asking Chris if he is a Republican.
–Sometime when life closes a door it opens a window. So jump!
==Hotel manager telling Marisa she can enter management track.
–These are the golden years. We’ve got to prove our mother’s wrong! You do one spontaneous thing in your life and you think you’re going to hell. Don’t be so Catholic.
==Stephanie to Marisa.
–Is there a hidden sign on my forehead? Do I wear a scarlet letter? Does the whole world know I am an ex-couple?
==Caroline trying to get tickets through the concierge.
–Maybe you should both spend some time in the projects. Then you wouldn’t have top make up speeches and memorize them. It would come from someplace real and mean something.
==Marisa’s advice to Chris who is about to make a speech in the projects.
–Are you interested in management? I suggest you go to the event tonight and end all association with Chris Marshall.
==Butler to Marisa.
–There’s something different about him. We connected.
==You have no connection. You come from two different worlds. You should be management.
==Stephanie advises Marisa.
–No it’s more like a dream. Tonight the maid is a lie and this is who you really are.
==Stephanie afraid she is living a lie.
–That sounds like something between you and your God Jerry.
==Marisa to Chris advisor worrying about skeletons in her closet.
–The woman you thought was a guest on this floor is actually the maid on this floor.
==Caroline to Chris.
–The first lunch was a mistake. A second lunch would be complete torture.
==Chris to Caroline.
–Sometimes we are forced in directions we ought to have found for ourselves. Though we serve them we are not their servants. What we do, does not define us.
==Butler as he resigns.
–It must really burn you that I think I have the right to go out with him. You think he is a god¢â‚¬¦because he is rich and white.
==Marisa to her m other.
–Wake up little girl. You have responsibilities and they come once a month (holds up stack of bills.) You want to end up in the projects? Keep dreaming dreams.
==Marisa’s mother.
–He’s not part of our lives, but we wish him well in his.
==Marisa to Ty who thinks it is fate that Chris is speaking where she got her new job,
–Everyone makes mistakes. It’s a sign of character to give people a second chance even if they lie. Otherwise there would be no politicians. What if you’re a regular person, like a maid or something? Nobody is perfect. Do you think she deserves a second chance?
==Ty to Chris at press conference.
–We haven’t had a story like this in a long while¢â‚¬¦It’s gonna kill his career,
==Reporters following Chris to Marisa in maid’s quarters.
–Can we start over? Second chance? You as you. Me as me. No secrets?
==Chris to Marisa.
–Excellent. He speaks Latin! I mean Spanish.
==Jerry spinning Chris’s relationship with a Latino.

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