Lara Croft – Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Lara Croft: Angelina Jolie
Terry Sheridan: Gerard Butler
Hillary: Chris Barrie
Dr. Jonathan Reiss: Ciaran Hinds
Bryce: Noah Taylor
Kosa: Djimon Hounsou
Sean: Til Schweiger

Paramount Pictures presents a film directed by Jan de Bont. Written by Dean Georgaris. Running time: 116 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for action violence and some sensuality).

Central Theme
Each of us has choices to make, and following your values, no matter how difficult, is the key to making wise decisions.

Academy Award winner Angelie Jolie reprises her role as Lara Croft, one the world’s most celebrated action heroines ever to hit the big screen. Facing her greatest challenges yet, the intrepid tomb raider travels the world on spectacular adventures that take her to such exotic places as Hong Kong, Kenya, Tanzania, Greece and the Great Wall of China. Demonstrating her physical prowess and revealing her courage as never before, Lara proves that she will stop at nothing when it means she could save the world from the most unspeakable evil ever known. ‚© Paramount.

This film weaves together a loose confederation of mythologies including Pandora’s box (Greek about a box that was not to be opened), the Moon goddess’ Luna Temple (again from the polytheistic Greeks), Alexander’s lost city, Chinese terracotta warriors and an African Massai legend of the Mountain of God. This time, Lara must match wits with Chen Lo, the head of a Chinese crime syndicate, as they both search for a hidden underwater treasure — the mythical Pandora’s Box.

Lo is to deliver Pandora’s box, which contains a great plague for which there is no antidote, to Dr. Reiss, who plans to use the plague to secure immense wealth through selling the antidote. He also intends to release the plague to eradicate the scum of the planet (as defined by him).

Again we are led to believe that ancient civilizations possessed advanced technologies and immensely important secrets to unlocking the meaning of the universe. The role of the archaeologist becomes contemporary as seeker of the lost keys.

Beliefs num
–Important mysteries lurk at the cradle of life.
–Ancient civilizations possess secrets and technology that unlock the keys to the meaning of life.
–The right decisions are based on our beliefs and values, even when they are contrary to our desires.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–What are the artistic merits of this film?
–What elements common to human experience did you resonate with in this film?
–What elements in word, deed, theme or behavior created a dissonance with who you are or want to be spiritually?
–What does this film tell us about who God is? Who humans are? What we are seeking in life?
–Do ancient mythologies hold clues for life today?
–Are biblical stories different from other mythologies? How?

Provocative Quotes byline
–That’s the Sunday school version.
==Lara about traditional Pandora’s box myths.
–It’s unlike Lara to take a partner.
==Chinese woman.
–The only way to get into their palace is as prisoners.
–I don’t think we are alike, but I do think we are a pair.
–Don’t tell me you’ve never looked around the world and said, wouldn’t the world be better off without some of these people.
==Dr. Reiss.
–I’m not leaving because I couldn’t kill you; I’m leaving because I could.
–The locals call it the mountain of God.
–Ancient legends tell of a place called the Cradle of Life. It is the source of all life and also of death. There lies a power that no man should ever hold.
==African Bushman
–I’m sorry if I have to disturb your God’s top keep this from happening.
==Lara to African guardians of Mountain.
–Are you truly prepared top learn what you are about to learn” Some secrets are best kept secret.
==African guardian.
–Perfect isn’t it? All that power in such a banal box.
–All your beliefs and all your ideals. They’re not real. I am and you love me¢â‚¬¦.you are not going to choose them over me.
==Terry to Lara.
–Some things are not meant to be found.
–I know what you’re looking for and I feel I can make it last forever.
==Korn soundtrack lyrics.

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