K-Fest 2012 to earth, “We’ve got contact…Crabbed Age and Youth Can Live Together.”

K-Fest 2012 to earth, “We’ve got contact…Crabbed Age and Youth Can Live Together.”
Shakespeare (or allegedly Shakespeare) wrote a Sonnet titled “Crabbed Age and Youth Cannot Live Together.”   We got our theme for KindlingsFest 2012 by adding a question mark, “Crabbed Age and Youth Cannot Live Together?” and then tagging the question with a sub-title, Towards Creating an Intergenerational Future.  
The theme grew out of my conviction that the academy, church and arts all have a long tradition of intergenerational synergy that served us well for centuries, and I think it would be good to break out of our recently contrived demographic segmentation and rediscover our need of each other and dare I say, our need of God.
Guest lecturers Dr. Malcolm Guite (Cambridge University)  and Jeff Keuss (Seattle Pacific University) took us on an amazing journey around that theme, and as always, my dear 75 year-old friend, Nigel Goodwin, brought his wit, poetry, irrepressible love and exuberant personality (along with multi-colored socks) to make it a party.
Musically we mixed the mellow sounds of Bob Bennett and classically trained guitarist Jason Carter with a young singer songwriter Eric Miller and a wildly enthusiastic, energetic, loud, talented indie band Friends and Family.
The Sundance films we screened were chosen because they represent the generational divide on issues like Israel and the Palestinians (5 Broken Cameras), young gay Christians (For the Bible Tells Me So) and global warming (Chasing Ice.)
The first night we offered a chance for the various generations to learn about each other. 3×5 cards were distributed and each registrant was instructed to ask a question getting at “anything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask” about the generation older or younger than them. Thursday night we built a Kindlings Muse podcast around that subject with panelists ranging from mid 20’s to their 80’s.
Numerous friends, young and old, took me aside and told me privately how bold and brave I was to take on the important issue of the generational divide in church and culture and to do so in provocative and risky ways. I guess it did not really occur to me to do anything other than what we did, take an important subject and explore it intelligently, spiritually and artistically.
The dust is still settling on K-Fest 2012, but I’ve skimmed the surveys and the results are most interesting.
Young and old alike seem to be saying the same thing. I would summarize it as follows. “I want to be seen by, heard by, loved by and understood by you.”
Isn’t that delightful?  Doesn’t it seem hopeful? What can we do in our lcal settings to make that happen?

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  1. ST080312 | Dick Staub on August 3, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    […] Young and old alike seem to be saying something similar. I would summarize it as follows. “I want to be seen by, heard by, loved by and understood by you.” DS reflects on K-Fest 2012. Read More. […]

  2. Kathleen on August 3, 2012 at 8:55 pm

    Thank you for your courage and vision. I heard several people refer to either their husbands or themselves being the next Dick Staub. Sadly, there isn’t ever going to be another you. You are beloved.

    Kindlings has given us an opportunity to see more, experience more, ask more questions, love more, and live more fully. We’ve been able to sit and converse with some incredible human beings. We’ve been exposed to artists who have enlarged us in every way. We’ve been disturbed, made uncomfortable, wept, learned, worshipped, and stretched.

    You pastor the most hospitable church anywhere. We are grateful for the way they invisibly serve and bless us all, making this bounty possible. Oh my….

    I think the finale of Kindlingsfest …. where the rubber meets the road as far as the ‘theme’ goes is this: Tessa and Laura had the grand opportunity to drop Malcolm and Jason off at their SeaTac hotel. They were happy to be asked. These young girls – 23 and 29 years old – did not want to end their time. They all spent a wonderful, playful, charming Seattle day together with “crabbed age” taking great delight in being with them and vise versa. Everyone came away feeling like the most fortunate one. The stories of this epic day of adventure are still rolling in as Loverby and I laugh until we cry.

    “We do want to be seen by, heard by, loved by, and understood by you!” It happened. It happens. It will happen more and more if we let it.

    PS. We’re begging to be put on airport shuttle duty to get these amazing people you find to and from Orcas Island. Kendall, remember this….we asked first! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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