IS It Time?

Recent Arbitron ratings indicate America may be chilling on political talk radio. The Arbitrons measure radio listenership and they show Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity dropping significantly in a number of major markets (Chicago, LA, DC). It is too soon to tell whether this is an aberration or a trend and it is important to put it in perspective; even with declining audiences Limbaugh’s weekly audience is still 14 million and Hannity’s 13 million. Those are HUGE numbers!

Those who know me are aware that my broadcasting career assumed that politics is part of life, but not at the core of life, and that when talking about politics it is more important to think and talk about underlying values and beliefs than to engage in the emotionally charged us-versus-them, good-guy, bad-guy power plays that have come to characterize the American political and media scene. Like Deborah Tannen, I believe today’s media format has degenerated into a “talk past each other, argument culture” that generates a lot of heat, not a lot of light, and of course, gets ratings!

Nevertheless, despite my contrarian ways I continued to broadcast what I hope was a more thoughtful, intelligent show that exposed people to a wide range of ideas and voices and respected the audience’s responsibility to think for itself.

Since 1998 I’ve been working on a new show concept and I believe now may be an opportune time to take those plans to the next level. The show would be produced by the Center for Faith and Culture.

Many of you responded positively to the “I Believe” blog I posted a few days ago.

That statement is actually the prelude to a CFC statement of aspirations, which I will post today, along with a statement of our CFC Mission. Read and think about these–give me some feedback–and in the next few days, if you are interested, I’ll tell you more about the new show concept and why I think it’s time may have come.

So here is your assignment:

1) Read “I Believe”

2) Then read “CFC Aspires:”

3) Then read our CFC mission statement.

Therefore, CFC ASPIRES:

CFC aspires to develop a local, national and international network of observers, thinkers and communicators who together go deeper in faith in ways that inspire the mind and creative spirit.
CFC aspires to understand faith and culture and interpret each to the other.
CFC aspires to link the best in intellectual, spiritual and creative life to everyday people.
CFC aspires to bridge from the complex to the more understandable and from the simple to the more serious underlying issues at hand.
CFC aspires to function as an observatory “seeing the times.”
CFC aspires to function as a think tank “understanding the times.”
CFC aspires to function as a guild, linking professional practitioners (of observation, thought and communication) with next generation apprentices to pass knowledge, wisdom and skills from one generation to the next.
CFC aspires to function as a communication company, creating and distributing media inspiring everyday humans to reach their spiritual, intellectual and creative potential.
CFC aspires to explore contemporary spiritual, intellectual and artistic trends, to expose folly and to encourage & showcase best thought and practices.


CFC’s mission is to contribute to a renaissance of faith and culture by creating and distributing media inspiring everyday humans to reach their spiritual, intellectual and creative potential, and to help the next generation do the same.

So what are your thoughts?

Yours for the pursuit of God in the company of friends, Dick Staub.

PS. And remember, “these are the best of times and the worst of times, but they are the only times we have.” (For Now).

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