Will Dormer: Al Pacino
Walter Finch: Robin Williams
Ellie Burr: Hilary Swank
Hap Eckhart: Martin Donovan
Rachel Clement: Maura Tierney
Randy Stetz: Jonathan Jackson
Warner Bros. presents a film directed by Christopher Nolan. Written by Hillary Seitz, based on a screenplay by Nikolaj Frobenius and Erik Skjoldbjaerg. (Originally a 1997Norweigein film starring Stellan SkarsgĴrd). Running time: 118 minutes. Rated R (for language, some violence and brief nudity).

Central Theme
Once you cross the line, unethical actions take on a life of their own, one bad deed breeds another and the guilt will not go away.

the murder of a teenage girl named Kate has shocked the small community of Nightmute, Alaska. At the request of local authorities, the LAPD sends two detectives to help solve the case and to place them out of reach from an Internal Affairs (IA) investigation that is zeroing in on these accomplished detectives and could end their careers. Will Dormer is an exceptional veteran detective who in his years with the LAPD has seen it all–murder, brutality, corruption–yet he remains unflinchingly committed to his mission: solving crimes and catching the criminals who commit them. His partner Hap, is a younger, family man, who tells Will he is about to sign a deal with IA, assuring him immunity and placing Will at risk for a recent case in which he planted evidence to assure a guilty verdict for a child molester.

Upon arriving in Nightmute the two meet Ellie Burr, a young idealistic detective who has read all of Will’s cases and is eager to be mentored. As the story unfolds, the fatal shooting of Will’s partner means IA won’t get to Will, and Will thinks he is the only witness to the shooting, until Kate’s murderer reveals he saw what happened too. Under Will’s diligent mentoring, Ellie gets closer to the truth about Will as Will gets closer to apprehending Kate’s killer, a local detective mystery writer Walter Finch.

Throughout the story, Will’s judgment is impaired by fear, nagging guilt and a lack of sleep in this land of perpetual sunlight. His basic morality is challenged by his increasing knowledge of his own guilt, while at the same time actively assigning guilt to another. His wily adversary uses these dynamics to further cloud Will’s self-perception and previously unwavering sense of right and wrong.

As the story draws to a close, the mentor pursues the criminal, the pupil closes in on the mentor and the mentor is willing to lay down his life and reputation to save the pupil. Beautiful filming, a superb cast and intelligent script make this a morality tale worth watching and discussing.

Beliefs num
–The line between guilt and innocence at times seems blurry.
–The right result attained wrongly will usually unravel eventually.
–Losing your way morally, even near the end of the game, is not worth it.
–Once you’ve crossed the line, you don’t come back.
–The teacher should urge the student to surpass his or her own achievements.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Is doing the wrong thing to achieve the right result ever a good idea?
–Once you cross the line into concealed and improper behavior, can you come back?
–Is the motivation for doing the wrong thing relevant?
–Did Will knowingly kill his partner?
–Are Will’s and Walter’s acts comparable? Why? Why Not?
–What was the most important lesson Ellie learned from Will?
–Will she submit Will’s bullet as evidence?

Provocative Quotes byline
–All this trouble. All this care. Why?
==Will as he inspects Kate’s dead body.
–This guy crossed the line and didn’t even blink. You don’t come back from that.
==Will’s conclusion about the killer.
–We’re cops. This is not about us; it’s about all these people who depend on us. Somebody just killed a 17-year-old girl.
==Will pleads with Hap to not cave in to IA.
–You’re a cop not a lawyer. Don’t let Internal Affairs cut your balls off.
==Sheriff and Will’s friend as he observes Will getting less aggressive with a witness.
–Walter Finch, lousy writer, lonely freak, murderer.
==Will taunts Finch.
–Killing changes you. It’s not guilt. More like awareness.
==Finch to Will.
–I don’t give a shit why you did it.
==Will’s lack of interest in motivation for a murder.
–Motivation is everything. You didn’t mean to kill your partner; I didn’t mean to kill Kate. You and I share a secret. We know how easy it is to kill.
==Finch taunts Will in return.
–A good cop can’t sleep because a piece of the puzzle is missing. A bad cop can’t sleep because his conscience is bothering him.
==Ellie quotes Will back to Will.
–That’s what I do. I assign guilt.
==Will’s assessment of his job top Rachel.
–I’m in no position to judge. There are two kinds of people in Alaska. Those who are born here and those who came here to escape something.
==Rachel after hearing Will’s confession.
–Nobody needs to know.
==Ellie willing to destroy evidence against Will.
–No don’t. Don’t lose your way.
==Will urging Ellie to do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

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