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You’ve noticed I’ve been gone. No new Staublogs for a few days. This weekend I got away to an extraordinary Swiss Chalet in Cle Elum Washington to pray and dream and plan with some very good friends, including Nigel Goodwin who traveled all the way from the Isle of Wight (UK) to join us.

We were praying for focus and direction for me personally and for the Center for Faith and Culture. We’ve reached the place where I either need to pursue it fully or move on. (Until now all of us have been volunteers at CFC).

The good news is I think we clarified our mission and sketched out plans for an exciting new broadcast, podcast and retreat concept. The scary news is we need about 300,000 dollars just in this calendar year to make a go of it. Our current pledges for next year total around 85,000 dollars. You see why this will take faith and new, significant financial support.

Below you’ll see the need, mission and strategy in brief form. We are writing the business plan starting this week. In the meantime, we need 50,000 dollars in new pledges (30,000 dollars of it paid and in the bank) by the end of March. As you read this, please pray that God will provide the resources. (I’d love to launch the podcast on May 19 with a series on the Da Vinci Code).

A few of our readers have been blessed with abundant financial wealth. You may be in a position to commit the entire amount we need by March 31 or a significant chunk of it: 50,000 dollars or 25,000 or 10,000. If you are interested in discussing such a gift, please email CFC (at the comments email address below) and I will arrange to talk with you by phone or in-person.

All contributions are tax deductible and may be sent to CFC, PO Box 77385, Seattle, WA 98177.)

Now here is the scoop! (In draft form). I hope it excites you as much as it does me!


1) Humans are created in God’s image with spiritual, intellectual, creative, relational and moral capacity, yet both culture and faith give evidence of our fallenness.
2) American Christianity is reductionist, preparing people to die and go to heaven, witnessing all the way, but not announcing abundant life NOW, nor equipping people to live it.
3) The most active conversation about spiritual need and solution is in the arts, where creatives, like canaries in the cage, articulate human longings and often unknowingly point the way to God.
4) Like C.S. Lewis did in his day, CFC will enter the cultural conversation in ways that enrich and enlighten faith and culture.


To illuminate the bridge to God through creatives and the culture they create.


1) To provoke thought about faith in culture by creating awareness of the spiritual themes in culture to the general public.
2) To interpret faith to thoughtful creatives, and culture to thoughtful communicators of faith, by enhancing their knowledge and understanding of how the themes of faith and culture are related.
3) To elevate cultural creation and communication by equipping a community of faithful creatives and communicators with skills and motivation to go deeper in faith in ways that will enrich culture.


1) Provoke thought and awareness through a one-hour weekend radio show, “an intelligent, thoughtful, imaginative, hospitable exploration of spiritual themes in culture.”

2) Understand and explore faith & culture through a website featuring a podcast, Dick Staubs’ blog and other useful information (seekers on journey quotes, links to provocative articles and other useful resources).

3) Elevate & equip in community through teaching, inspiring and building relationships at intimate, by-invitation retreats for creatives and communicators AND through an annual alumni reunion for teaching and fellowship.

Yours for the pursuit of God in the company of friends, Dick Staub.

PS. And remember, “these are the best of times and the worst of times, but they are the only times we have.” (For Now).

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