Hurtling Toward Oblivion


Richard Swenson

Central Theme
Based on observable trends on the planet and after applying the laws of logic, a reasonable person will conclude that human history is rounding the last lap for the homestretch.

Richard Swensen , MD is a full time futurist, physician-researcher, and author, whose previous books include Margins and The Overload Syndrome. He has since released More than Meets the Eye. Fans of Swenson will be pleased that he has not headed down the too-often traveled path of end-times predictions based on his interpretation of Biblical texts. Swenson reaches his conclusions on the basis of observable trends in today’s world, which when taken together in a logical, sequential manner lead to a conclusion that the planet is hurtling towards what he calls ‘lethality’. Far from a gloom and doom outcome, Swenson, who dedicates his book to his sons, reminds readers that our only hope is, as it always has been, in God, who has told his followers not to be afraid but to place our trust in Him.

Beliefs num
–Progress produces profusion which is a mathematical physical reality that results in growth, increase — more and more and more and more etc.
–Profusion is irreversible.
–Progress produces profusion which together result in exponential growth
–Our world systems are defective, fallen.
–Even the improvement of the systems cannot offset the profusion of the negative. A little leaven affects the whole lump.
–Once the negatives rise to the level of lethality the entire globe will be threatened.
–Christians should live authentic lives and never despair for a new day is dawning for Christianity in the world.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Do you agree that human history will have an end?
–Are things getting better or worse in human history?
–What do you believe will trigger the end of the world?
–Will there be another human history after this one?
–How then should we live?

Provocative Quotes byline
–The world is spinning out of control and approaching a threshold of lethality — a point where life as we know it can no longer continue
==Richard Swenson
–The phenomenon of profusion is irreversible, primarily because progress is a one-way street. The original engineers, it seems, forgot to install a reverse gear.
==Richard Swenson
–Thoroughly evil people will use exponentially increasing power, technology and money to advance their evil purposes. Faster and faster.
==Richard Swenson
–Life under the tutelage of progress is getting better: The positive is growing at a rapid rate. But, at precisely the same time, fallenness is becoming more powerful: The negative is also growing at a rapid rate.
==Richard Swenson
–If the negatives are sufficiently dangerous, they cannot be offset by the positives no matter how beneficial the positives are.
==Richard Swenson
–As a Christian I take it for granted that human history will some day end; and I am offering Omniscience no advice as to the best date for that consumption.
==C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock, Is Progress Possible?

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