Holding On To Hope


Nancy Guthrie

Central Theme
God does not allow meaningless suffering and if we follow God through our pain we will find a pathway through suffering to the heart of God.

Most of us have heard of the biblical character Job. He’s worked his way into our everyday language, ¢â‚¬Ëœ he’s got the patience of Job.’ But the real point of Bible stories is to work their way into our lives, And in the case of Job that meant accepting suffering, hardship and the tough lessons most of us would rather not learn. Nancy Guthrie has spent some time walking in Job’s shoes. Few people face the bitter task of burying a child they love. But Nancy and her husband and son, have faced the grave twice, burying two children who each lived only six months, victims of Zellweger syndrome. Through this tragic experience Nancy found insight through Job’s experience that allowed her to find a new intimacy with the sovereign and loving God.

Beliefs num
–God does not allow meaninglessness suffering.
–You can only trust God’s sovereignty if you also believe He is all-loving.
–Loss and the tears that accompany loss can be part of God’s plan for your life.
–Profound sadness at loss is O.K.
–There is no quick-fix band-aid to relieve deep sorrow and suffering.
–Worshipping God while confused about God is part of the recovery from grief.
–We must accept God’s complete freedom to do what He will with all we love and hold dear.
–There are times we wish God would just kill us to relieve our pain. God understands.
–Losing someone we love helps us yearn for eternity.
–Like Hagar we are sometimes called to return to our tough situation and submit.
–If we allow it to, suffering moves us from knowing about God to knowing God.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Do you believe God does not allow meaningless suffering?
–Does today’s culture, and especially Christian culture, allow for grief or is it somehow considered unspiritual?
–Can you accept not fully knowing why God allows certain things in your life?
–Would you love, trust and follow God, if God took virtually everything you hold dear from you?
–Have you experienced greater intimacy with God after going through a time of suffering?

Provocative Quotes byline
–Well I guess this is where the rubber meets the road. Here is where I find out if I really believe what I say I believe.
==Nancy to her pastor when she learns Hope has Zellweger Syndrome.
–Will this mascara run down my face when I cry?
==Nancy to clerk when buying cosmetics and knowing she will be crying a lot.
–I hate to admit it, but for some reason church has often been one of the hardest places to be since Hope’s death.
–Before losing Hope I never really understood why people found such comfort in knowing their loved one is in heaven.
–I had heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.
==Job after undergoing his suffering.

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