Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe
Ron Weasley: Rupert Grint
Hermione Granger: Emma Watson
Lucius Malfoy: Jason Isaacs
Prof. Snape: Alan Rickman
Prof. McGonagal: Maggie Smith
Hagrid the Giant: Robbie Coltrane
Prof. Albus Dumbledore: Richard Harris
Draco Malfoy: Tom Felton
Professor Sprout Miriam Margolyes
Gilderoy Lockhart Kenneth Branagh

Warner Bros. Pictures presents a film directed by Chris Columbus. Written by Steve Kloves. Based on the novel by J.K. Rowling. Running time: 161 minutes. Rated PG.(for scary moments, some creature violence and mild language).

Central Theme
It is not your ability but your choices that determine who you are and Harry chooses loyalty, bravery, anti-prejudice and a battle against the dark side in this thriller.

After a miserable summer at the Durselys, Harry (with a little help from the Weasley’s) is eager to return to Hogwarts, where changes are afoot. The new teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts is the egocentric Gilderoy Lockhart and Hermione strikes up a friendship with Moaning Myrtle a ghost who haunts the girl’s bathroom. Harry has been warned against returning by Dobby, a house elf who fears Harry is in grave danger.

We’re going to learn more about Hagrid’s secret, Malfoy’s elitist, prejudicial rivalry and some strange similarities between Harry and Voldemort including their ability to communicate with snakes (Parseltongue). Should Harry really belong in Slytherin? You’ll find out. And we discover more about Salazar Slytherin, his dark side and a Secret Chamber on the grounds at Hogwart that no one but a Slytherin descendent can find and open.

In this Chamber at Hogwarts lurks a danger, a danger rooted in prejudice that threatens the lives of students, including Hermione and more significantly, Harry himself. Tom Riddles magic diary is part of the solution and yet poses the gravest of dangers. And don’t forget the spiders! Behind the evil is Voldemort who enlists the help of dark and frightening creatures in a mysterious plot that Harry, Hermione and Ron must solve with the help of a Phoenix named Fawkes.

Beliefs num
–There is a dark side that seeks to do us harm.
–This dark side is manifest in many ways including prejudice, hatred and willingness to kill the innocent to prevail.
–The teamwork of friends can help us face danger more effectively.
–Surface appearances can be deceiving. Gilderoy is famous but incompetent.
–The wicked of the past often have powerful heirs.
–In the battle of good against evil it is character not talent or magic that counts.
–Those in the defense of good who need help will receive it if they ask.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–How did this film resonate with you artistically and thematically?
–What were the points of dissonance?
–Do you agree that character counts more than talent?
–Is that the case in the real world?
–How important is teamwork in accomplishing good against evil?
–What is the moral of this story?

Provocative Quotes byline
–I’m not allowed to use magic outside of school.
==HP to Dobby.
–I’ll be in my bedroom, not making any noise and pretending I don’t exist.
==HP to Uncle Vernon Dursley.
–Harry Potter must not go back to Hogwart’s this year.
==Dobby’s warning to HP.
–You must be very brave to mention his name, or very foolish.
==Lucius Malvoy to HP.
–A house-elf showed up at my home. We almost got killed by a tree. It is obvious someone doesn’t want us here.
==HP to Ron.
–At least no one on Gryffindor had to buy their way on they got there on pure talent.
==Hermione to Draco.
–Fame is a fickle friend Harry. Celebrity is as celebrity does, Remember that Harry.
–Let me kill you. Kill. Kill. Kill.
==Voices Harry hears in the hallway.
–The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir beware,
==Message written in blood on wall.
–No Harry. Even in the wizard world hearing voices is not a good sign.
–Dobby can only be free if his master presents him with an item of clothing.
==Dobby to HP.
–It means our students are in grave danger. Tell them the truth. They are in grave danger; The Chamber of Secrets has been opened again,
–This is bad.
==Hermione when she learns Harry can talk to snakes.
–No. But I can show you. Let me take you back 50 years.
==Tom Riddle’s Diary.
–Unless the culprit behind these attacks is caught, it is likely Hogwarts will be closed.
==Professor McGonagall
–You will find that help will always be given for those who ask for it.
==Dumbledore to HP.
–Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies?
==Ron when Hagrid sends HP and Ron to the spider lair.
–Harry if you die tonight you’re welcome to share my toilet!
==Myrtle to HP.
–It is my feeling that you both receive awards for significant service to the school.
==Dumbledore to Harry and Ron.
–You must have shown real loyalty. Nothing else would have summonsed Fawkes to come.
–You do possess many qualities Slytherin prized in his handpicked students; parseltongue, determination, resourcefulness and a certain disregard for the rules. But Harry,
It is not our abilities that show who we are. It is our choices.
==Dumbledore to HP.
–Let us hope Mr. Potter will always be around to save the day.
==Lucius Malvoy.
–There’s no Hogwarts without Hagrid.
==HP at banquet when Hagrid returns.

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