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Yesterday I commented on the sadness of unrealized potential and referenced Paul Simon’s comment that people’s lives are frittered away through no fault of their own. I replied that often our failures ARE our fault and we need to own up to them.

Today the Bill Clinton, a mythic icon of unrealized potential proved he has not learned the lessons of his failures by lashing out at Peter Jennings and all the media for what were, a more reasonable man would see, self-inflicted wounds.

“”You don’t want to go here, Peter,” the former president responded. “You don’t want to go here. Not after what you people did and the way you, your network, what you did with Kenneth Starr. The way your people repeated every, little sleazy thing he leaked. No one has any idea what that’s like. You never had to live in a time when people you knew and cared about were being indicted, carted off to jail, bankrupted, ruined, because they were Democrats and because they would not lie. So I think we showed a lot of moral fiber to stand up to that. To stand up to these constant investigations, to this constant bodyguard of lies, this avalanche that was thrown at all of us. And, yes, I failed once. And I sure paid for it. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the American people. And I’m sorry for the embarrassment they performed.”

Clinton’s unwillingness to accept responsibility is mirrored by CBS, which after public displays of contriteness for its “Janet Jackson exposed-breast-Superbowl halftime foibles, now says it won’t pay the FCC fines levied for their irresponsibility.

And two weeks after delivering a statesmanlike, dignified concession speech, calling for bipartisan cooperation and collaboration, John Kerry
is back to hostile talk, accusing President Bush of pursuing a “right wing” agenda. Democrats believe the American public wants them to be an opposition party, not seeming to realize their future political hopes are in offering a positive alternatives, not four more years of whining.

All these stories have in common an unwillingness to take responsible for failures and the perpetuation of “scapegoating” through personally attacking others.

Politics and media are but two arenas in which unwillingness to take responsibility and scapegoating contribute to an escalation of hostile talk and a deterioration of honor and civility.

Two words say it all: grow up.

Yours for the pursuit of God in the company of friends, Dick Staub

PS. And remember, “these are the best of times and the worst of times, but they are the only times we have.” (For Now).

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