Good Friday

I arose early and read the story of Adam and Eve, who despite all the promise of Eden believed the lies of Satan the subtle liar, and as punishment were cast out of the garden to work a cursed earth with its thorns and thistles.

I read the Matthew account of Jesus betrayal and crucifixion, where we are again back in a garden. The disciples are unable to stay awake as Jesus prays, wrestling with God’s painful will. Peter then denies Christ three times. Lies are again told and a crown of thistles is placed on Jesus head. He is marched off to Golgotha where he is crucified. Later today he will be entombed.

The beautiful symmetry of the stories cannot offset the sad, dark themes of sin, except by our knowledge that this day is born of love, settles and ancient score and signals the ultimate victory of good over evil, God over Satan, life over death.

Popular culture’s very lightness and tendency towards mindlessness, when juxtaposed on the grand and real drama of real life, is exposed as a fake, a diversion. Reality is not found on TV, or the movies, or the latest Prince or Janet Jackson album reality is found on an old rugged cross.

Each Good Friday I also listen to an old copy John Stainer’s “The Crucifixion.” Listen to a sample and buy your own!

PS– Since I know some of you will view The Passion of the Christ movie today or this weekend, here is a reminder of some of what you should know before seeing it. Passion Art is on view worldwide.Passion week and the Passion movie are interesting with interesting results.

Also it might be good to meditate on Bonhoeffer and Kierkegaard on this Easter Weekend.

Finally a grab bag of interesting pieces about studying the Simpsons and Mayan Art.

Remember, “these are the best of times and the worst of times, but they are the only times we have.” (For Now).

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