From Angels to Aliens:Teenagers, the Media, and the Supernatural. Lynn Scofield Clark (Audio)

Everywhere you look in popular culture you can see teenager’s fascination with the supernatural: Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Left Behind series are but the latest manifestations of this fascination. Why? What does it mean? How has evangelicalism played a role in this phenomena? These are but a few questions explored by Lynn Schofield Clark, assistant research fellow at University of Colorado School of Journalism and mass communication.

In this important book she explores the relationship between teens and the media and their relationship with religion. She refers to the “dark side of evangelicalism” with it’s fascination with the end times, aliens and angels and relates it to the supernatural in contemporary culture.

This is an important piece of research and a must read. The audio interview provides an excellent overview of the material in the author’s own words.

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