Endorsing Dick Staub’s: The Culturally Savvy Christian


Dick Staub has watched from a unique vantage point as our culture not least our Christian culture ¢€œ has been sliding into more and more of a muddle and a mess. Now he offers a sharp, many-sided analysis and a bracing, fresh prescription for how Christians can lead the way into a wiser, richer mode of being human. This is an urgent book for our times ¢€œ and for our health.
N.T. Wright, Bishop of Durham

The most inspiring aspect of The Culturally Savvy Christian, is Dick’s adamant belief that people of faith can rise from the grave of cultural obscurity to artistically and intellectually enrich our woefully superficial culture. It is a persuasive and hugely encouraging manifesto.
David McFadzean, Hollywood Writer and Producer/Co-Creator of the TV Show Home Improvement

An imaginative and reliable guide through the maze of popular culture, Dick has a rather worked-out world view which helps him make judgments, but listens patiently to other voices. Then he interprets, especially in ways that help young people–a generation often overlooked by leaders in communities of faith–to find meaning, direction, and vocation.
Martin E. Marty, Fairfax M Cone Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, The University of Chicago

“The Culturally Savvy Christian” is a guidebook for our time, preparing the way for a great feast of arts and culture that the Church is called to celebrate in the 21st century. As an artist and advocate for the arts, I am extremely grateful for this effort.
Makoto Fujimura, Artist and Writer

Dick Staub is the apostle of earthy engagement, the high priest of Christian cultural criticism, the gracious guru of spirituality.
The late Dwight Ozard was a writer, pundit & speaker.

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