Drunk, Naked and Educable?

Comedienne turned talk show host Janeane Garafolo (foto right) offers an interesting perspective on “liberals” compared to conservatives: “It’s not like we’re here to say we’re going to be as nasty as right-wingers. On the left, traditionally, you’ve got a nicer type of person. You’ve got a person who is more willing to engage in conversations that have context and nuance, who tend to have more educable minds.”

The word “educable” caught my eye after reading about the annual Cancun Spring Break bacchanal during which students boasted of accomplishing the week’s primary goal, “getting drunk and naked.” This annual event succeeds because it is carefully marketed, parents have come to believe it is an inevitable rite of passage, and those who take a stab at educating seem embarrassed to do so. (Incoming AMA president clarified they aren’t trying to be ‘stodgy old farts’ in announcing the dangers of drinking.)

It occurs to me that at least some of the naked and drunk are professing Christians who evidently believe it is OK to take a break from those quaint expectations that followers of Jesus dress modestly and are filled with the spirit instead of drunk with wine.

This seems hypocritical from a generation that says it wants authenticity and may leave the faith because their parents don’t live-out their faith in every day life. If something is real it meets certain tests like the Vermeer that has just been authenticated. My advice is that students aim higher and show evidence of their educable minds.

On another note, for those who think about getting away from it all, here for the first time is the audio for one of our most requested interviews, “A Trip to the Beach.” Also read the New West Rules before deciding to go rural.

And from the world of entertainment: Paramoun is going celebrity in a bid to comeback AND a few more reflections on the late Alistair Cooke Masterpiece
Safire’s Alistair Cooke.

Remember, “these are the best of times and the worst of times, but they are the only times we have.” (For Now).

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