Doug Marlette: Prophetic Cartoonist

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Doug Marlette: Prophetic Cartoonist

Thoughtful creatives for whom God is of central importance could learn a lesson or two from the late Doug Marlette, cartoonist and social commentator extraordinaire.

Time magazine described him as a anarcho-cartoonist who could “offend–gracefully, brilliantly and effortlessly.” I think of him as a man who could provoke thought instantly and nowhere more then when he lifted the lid on religion.

He took on the Pope.
Marlette POPE.jpg

A proud southerner, he took on Southern Baptists, once commenting of Renaissance Weekend that it was “the annual meeting of the Bill Moyer’s wing of the Southern Baptist Convention.” ) IN this cartoon Jesus is pouring Welch’s grape juice in cups for communion!)
Marlette Grape Juice.gif

But he also revealed a sweet side as in his tribute to fellow cartoonist Johnny Hart.
MArlette hart.jpg

I often describe artists as the contemporary prophets because the see the truth and express it without regards to personal consequence. Not everybody in biblical times particularly liked the prophets, but when the books of the Bible were gathered and canonized , prophetic voices made the cut and always will among those who have ears to hear. Look at his Superman cartoon and you’ll see what I mean.

Marlette Superman.jpg

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