Die Another Day

Release Date
James Bond: Pierce Brosnan
Jinx: Halle Berry
Gustav Graves: Toby Stephens
Miranda Frost: Rosamund Pike
Zao: Rick Yune
Q: John Cleese
M: Judi Dench

MGM presents a film directed by Lee Tamahori. Written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. Running time: 123 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for action violence and sexuality).

Central Theme
Good guys still win and will die another day; bad guys will lose and will meet their destiny in death now.

The formula is still in play. The world is clearly divided into the good guys and bad guys. James Bond may find himself in impossible situations and it may appear he is finished, but he can be depended on, he will overcome, and will do so with humor and flair. This is a series that delivers hope that the world will never be taken over by evil so long as the good guys have someone like Bond on their side. He is a rascal, but he’s our rascal.

In this story Bond is captured by the North Koreans when he is betrayed and identified as 007 in a diamonds-for-weapons exchange. But not without inflicting severe damage to Zao, a colonel’s son who can’t wait to replace his father and dominate the world. After 18 torturous months in captivity, Bond is released, but M is led to believe Bond has started to reveal top-secret information and rescinds his 00 status, thinking he has betrayed the agency.

Determined to vindicate himself Bond heads off in search of Zao and the clearing of his name. Zao’s trail leads Bond to Cuba where he meets Jinx, who seems to be on a clandestine assignment herself. On a nearby island, Bond and Jinx discover a lab providing a new technology that allows exchange of DNA and a new identity.

Enter Gustav Graves a man whose wealth appears in a stunning discovery of a high quality diamond mine in Iceland. He is as competitive as Bond and seems determined to save the world in his own way, Icarus, a laser satellite. (In Greek mythology Icarus made wings fastened with wax, which melted when he flew too close to the sun, and he fell to his death). At his side is a British Beauty who Bond decides bears watching.

The Bond formula has been updated with Jinx as a competent ally agent for Bond, but for the most part it is the same old mix of escape into death defying stunts, exotic locations and sexual innuendo from a man whose loyalty to his government is unswerving and whose love of new toys and beautiful women is legendary.

Beliefs num
–Good and bad are easily distinguished, even at a governmental level.
–Bad guys will never dominate.
–Good guys will be able to stop them.
–Even good guys must, on occasion, prove they are not bad.
–When good guys seem bad, it is probably because the bad guys “framed them.”
–Morally, killing can be justified and sex outside of marriage is to be expected and appears to be without consequence.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Is it so easy to determine the good guys from the bad guys in real life?
–Are there people like Bond who can get out of virtually every bad situation?
–Has the Bond series had an affect on the sexual mores of the day?

Provocative Quotes byline
–Find me a new anger management counselor.
–I studied at Oxford and Harvard and was educated in western hypocrisy.
–Fifty years ago the superpowers carved up Korea and then you came, a spy and an assassin. Now the hardliners have their proof-we can’t trust the west.
==Zao’s father.
–Look at him-you’d think he was some kind of hero.
==Damien Falco, CIA, watching Bond leave North Korea.
–While you were away, the world changed. 00 status is rescinded. You’re no use to anyone now.
==M to Bond.
–One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.
==HK agent to Bond.
—-Well, it seems you’ve become useful again.
==M to Bond.
–Better to be cleverer than you look than to look cleverer than you are.
–So you live to die another day Colonel.
==Bond to Zao.
–You want to kill your own son? Father you disappoint me.
==Zao to father.
–You see Mr. Bond, you can’t kill my dreams, but my dreams can kill you.
==Zao to Bond.
–Time to face Gravity.
==Bond to Zao who has just told Bond it is time to face his destiny.

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