Yesterday when you visited the site there was no content. The shell of our design remained, but the fresh daily material and years of archived commentary and quotes were missing.

The night before, midnight to be precise, I was transferring a simple password sequence to a portable computer I will be taking on a trip to England with the CS Lewis Foundation this weekend. Suddenly, in an experience some of you recall with dread, and others can only anticipate, I was locked out of the administrative panel of my OWN WEB SITE (I add and edit material from this control panel.) and instantly the existing online daily and archived content was gone.

A few hours of failed attempts to fix the problem and I headed off to bed, aware I was doomed and also vaguely recalling that my trusty webmaster, to whom I had already emailed an SOS, might be on vacation.

I arose early the next day hoping somehow that my situation had magically resolved itself overnight, that the cosmic laws of the mathematical universe ruling computer systems had self-corrected or been suspended and my content restored. Perhaps Jesus had intervened–he healed the blind why not my site?

My webmaster emailed saying he could get on it by 9:30PM. It meant a day without site. When Bryan called last night it took approximately five minutes for him to identify the problem. I had entered a lowercase “i” where the password required an upper case “I.” To my credit, all my records from the web host AND Bryan were in the lower case “i.” They had changed it somewhere along the line. Instantly my site was restored, content intact, and as any non-technical person in the presence of the technical magician, I spontaneously wanted to worship. “You are as a god,” I said to Bryan. “Lower case ¢â‚¬Ëœg,’ and AS a god, not GOD.”

The real lesson sticking with me is the importance of details in the laws of the universe. Whether physics or programming, the details matter and failure to comply meets an exact and unforgiving master.

Why then are we so lax about God’s laws? David meditated on them AND knew that to violate them invited disaster. His Bathsheba infidelity, led to the murder of Uriah. David was a shell of the man he once was his design was still in place, but his authenticity was gone; it originated in the content of his character and evaporated when the details of his life included a wrong code.

IN the case of my web site, entering the correct code restored everything as if it never happened, Breaking God’s law leaves scars, even when you pray for the “joy of your salvation to be restored” as David did (Psalm 51), but there is a rich forgiveness and God will wash us and make us whiter than snow.

Details matter in computers and life.

Yours for the pursuit of God in the company of friends, Dick Staub.

PS. And remember, “these are the best of times and the worst of times, but they are the only times we have.” (For Now).

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