Art the Language of the Soul: Sundance 08

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Art the Language of the Soul: Sundance 08

If you haven’t listened to our “The Kindlings Muse Podcasts”, this would be a great time to start!

Every day we are producing fresh new podcasts from Sundance Film Festival in collaboration with the Windrider Forum.

Robert Redford opened Sundance 2008 by saying “Art is the language of the soul¢â‚¬¦.”

We experienced a brilliant example of this as in a Windrider interview with Geoffrey Haley (photo above and right) whose film The Last Word explores, among other things, the issue of suicide. (Listen to the Geoffrey Haley podcast”.)

Geoffrey revealed personal insights into how this subject emerged from issues originating with friends and family and explained how his childhood upbringing as a Lutheran in Germany affected his own departure from organized religion.

This discussion showed just how explicitly how an artist’s work sometimes reveals glimpses of their own soul.

At day’s end we viewed Baghead, which is described in Sundance materials as “deep, engaging brilliance–that is if you can call a film brilliant when it is basically about a group of dumb actors, a bag and a head.”

This film is a searing satirical deconstruction of the pretentiousness of many indie films. It was as cinematically distanced from “The Last Word” as it could be, yet again revealed insights about the filmmaker’s Mark & Jay Duplass.

A spirited discussion of art and soul followed, with comments from our students and panelists: Craig Detweiler, (author and director of Reel Spirituality @ the Brehm center), Michelle Steffes, (formerly Director of Development at Larger than Life, the production company of Gary Ross (Pleasantville, Seabiscuit, she is now pursuing her writing and directing goals full-time in films like Driftwood and Scott Young, founder & director emeritus of City of Angels Festival.

Few places offer insights into the state of the artist’s soul, and Windrider is emerging as the place serious filmmakers go to talk about their films.

Geoffrey Haley described Windrider as the most important stop in his Sundance media circuit because it is a place where thoughtful people are actually interested in what a film means!

Yours for the pursuit of God in the company of friends, Dick Staub.

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